Technical Program


Mae Tobi Geri


Technical contents grouped by technical families or basic skills.

  • Tai-Sabaki
  • Defences
  • Falls
  • Positions
  • Atemi
  • Luxations
  • Throws
  • Strangulations
  • Immobilizations


Individual and application Kata, which contain the technique and spirit of Tai-Jitsu, conserving the Japanese martial tradition.

  • Basic Kata
  • Fundamental Kata
  • Superior Kata


Different types of Randori, which develop several technical, tactical and strategical aspects of application to self-defence.

  • Prepared Randori
  • Free Randori
  • Mandatory Randori
  • Circle Randori
  • Concatenated techniques


We follow an exclusive and very particular pedagogical method, based on the correct use of conductist and cognitivist approaches in the proper phases to enhance learning (Inductive Pedagogy).


We enforce a specific programme of Kyus and rules for the Black Belt exam, which define, demand and respect a high performance level from all practitioners who achieve them.

  • Kyus (yellow, orange, green, blue, brown)
  • Dan. Black Belt (1st to 9th DAN)