Sport Program




We sponsor three modes of competition that contribute to develop and raise the level of the Tai-Jitsuka, enhancing their physical, technical, tactical and strategical skills. This results in a decisive improvement in their social abilities of confrontation, self-control, personal improvement, acceptance, etc…

  • Kumite (Combat)
  • Goshin Shobu (Self-defence applications)
  • Yakusoku Waza (Technical Expression in couples)


Refereeing is one of the key parts of competition, as a successful tournament greatly depends on the referee, who determines to which degree the result of the competition faithfully reflects reality, rewarding optimal performance. This can only be achieved with strict and clear regulations and well prepared referees. We follow and offer:

  • Competition Regulations
  • Refereeing Normative
  • Referee graduation courses
  • Formative courses


The correct organization of tournaments and competition is fundamental to achieve our objectives and improve the image of our Martial Art, as competition is the biggest public platform we possess, due to the good support they get from the media.

  • Normative of Tournament organization