World Tai-Jitsu Federation

The World Tai-Jitsu Federation (WTJF), is formed by the Tai-Jitsu National Organizations affiliated to it.

Its goal is assembling the different clubs, associations and national federations in order to regulate the discipline of Tai-Jitsu at world level.

The WTJF seeks the following objectives:

  1. To sponsor and unite the different Tai-Jitsu groups in the world and to promote friendly collaboration among their members.
  2. To cooperate with underdeveloped countries in publicizing Tai-Jitsu and forming their technicians and representatives.
  3. To promote, organize, regulate and broadcast Tai-Jitsu at world level, attending to all of its features: culture, tradition, sport, competition, regulations, etc.
  4. To work for the unification, coordination and broadcasting of Tai-Jitsu at world level.
  5. To promote educational, technical and scientific activities and competitions related to Tai-Jitsu.
  6. To establish an International and World Book of Regulations, and favour the creation of National Federations in each country.

To achieve these goals, the following measures will be taken:

  • Formative courses in the different areas: culture, sport, organization, regulations, etc.
  • Congresses, speeches and lectures at social, federative and university level.
  • Promotion and supervision of International and World events in which more than a country is involved.
  • Creation of degrees and titles with International scope, validating the ones granted by the member organizations that require so. Awarding of specific honours and distinctions.
  • Formation and graduation of technicians and referees at international and world level.
  • Application of the internal regulations in the different areas of Tai-Jitsu at international and world level, which apply to all countries and associations in the organization.

See the inaugural speech of World Tai-Jitsu Federation pronounced by D. Joaquin Muñiz on March 7th, 2009.